About Us

Landmark Athletics was established in 2007 as Canada's leading designer and outfitter for fitness facilities & martial arts establishments.  Focusing on the importance of the presentation of the club's design in all aspects from flooring, to branding colours, to controlling traffic flow throughout the facility. All aspects must be carefully thought out in the set up phase in order to capitalize on success. We help our clients view their business from all angles and see it from their member's eyes so they can see what everyone else sees. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional selection of top brand equipment, market expertise, and the best package prices available. Our representatives are experts with over 10 years experience in fitness facility & martial arts outfitting, and will work with each and every client to assess their needs, bring innovative solutions and provide a quality of service that is unmatched in the industry.  

We provide all the necessary services required when opening a new facility, essentially giving a 'turn-key' solution for any club owner. Making the start-up process as painless, and as affordable as possible.