Package Savings

By utlizing the Build 360 program with Landmark Athletics and allowing us to handle your project, you are sure to receive the best packaged prices, the most up to date and elite products on the market, and more importantly - the best service this industry has to offer.
By consolidating all your purchases under one roof, you are able to receive the best subsidized rates on your entire project.



  • Facility Design & 3D Imaging      
    Have your dream facility drawn out to your liking, so you know exactly what you are getting. 3D images will help with the Pre-Sale process
  • Architectural Drawings, Stamps & City Permits  
    Once the designs are complete, we have our Architect provide the stamp of approval and handles all the paperwork necessary for the permits in order to start construction on your new facility
  • Construction
    We price all construction based on the approved drawings. This allows for a timely construction process THAT MEETS DEADLINES. And because we price everything based on drawings, there is no arguing with the contractors about work, materials, and extra payments. (Anyone who has gone through a set up phase before will appreciate this part of our services). The price is the price quoted at the beginning of the agreement.
  • Marketing         
    Our associate team provides website design, local google marketing management, search engine optimization, flyer design and distribution, off-line print marketing call to action, and much more. We help you build your brand. This is where YOUR time is best spent during the start up phase. Let us handle the mess of construction and permits and outfitting, you need to focus on how you will be getting new members into your club and marketing to them.    
  • Flooring   
    The most overlooked part of the start up phase. We ensure the right flooring is used in each section of your club. Having a great floor not only adds to the decor and style of your club, but also helps the 'feel' that members have when performing activities. The better someone feels in a place, the longer they stay. We ensure that the best floor is used for each type of activity area throughout your club, this also helps in cost savings on material.   The cardio area gets the right flooring, the Aerobics area gets the right flooring, the freeweights area gets the right flooring and so on.
  • Equipment Outfitting
    While most fitness equipment suppliers boast they have the 'best' equipment, we ensure that the BEST EQUIPMENT FOR YOU is supplied to match your vision. There is no need to eat your entire production cost with the equipment purchase. Overspending on equipment is the number 1 reason why failed fitness facilities go belly up in their first year.  The equipment is an important purchase, but in the end it is not the be all in what will generate revenue for your business. The EXPERIENCE you create in your club is what undoubtedly creates your Return On Investment. We make sure that you get the most state-of-the-art equipment that suits your needs, quality demands, and overall budget. The equipment we offer is among the top rated commercial products available on the market today, and we make sure that the equipment matches your world-class facility vision.
  • Affordable Payment Plans
    We offer easy leasing payment plans for all our Build 360 programs, really lightening the load when it comes to the start up purchase.