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Why Use A Squat Rack

if you’re not squatting – you should be. Squats are without a doubt one of the most efficient exercises you can do. Squats help increase testosterone, which assist in helping the rest of your body grow. The squat is a very powerful compound exercise that recruits your largest muscle groups in one fluid movement. As a result, it has earned its right to be key exercise in your workout plan. The primary purpose of a squat rack is to allow you to rack your weight into a starting position, and assist you in progressing your squats by way of adding increments of weight. Leading you to perform lifts with weight levels that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get into position unassisted. Ultimately, the power rack, also known as asquat rack or half rack, is a staple to any gym. Despite this, many lifters aren’t taught how to use it to its full potential when they start lifting.